Something Has to Change

How often have you said ‘Something has to change’ but nothing really has yet?

Hi, I’m Alison and welcome to my blog!

Here, I’ll share my own experiences, thoughts and ideas.
I’ll talk about building new, sustainable habits that lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.

I’m limited with the amount of people I can work with through coaching, so in this blog, I can now reach out to you too.
And maybe you’ll find the courage, inspiration or just that little nudge to make the change you’ve been really, really wanting to!

A bit about me, I’ve a 23 year old son, married almost 14 years, I coach, run, walk, make mosaics pieces, went to art college and worked as a designer for years.
I love running and being outdoors and will probably talk about this… a lot. I’ll bring my lessons learnt, that can be used in life and work.
You’ll get to know me better and how I tick through my posts.

This coaching path started for me 4 years ago, when I knew something had to change.
It hasn’t been an easy path and that’s partly because life tends to throw out crap too.
And that’s life. What’s important is how you keep moving forward!

It’s normal to have fears and doubts. You’re not alone, believe me. And we can always improve on what we’re doing.
I’m learning and growing every single day.
I’ve learnt that for change to happen, you sometimes have to take a chance and that it’ll usually feel uncomfortable and that’s ok.

Anyway, lots more to come in future posts.
If there’re any related topics you’d like to hear about from me, let me know!
I’d love to write and share about what you’re interested in, making change together.




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