Have You Seen a Kingfisher Recently?

You probably know that looking after your physical wellbeing is important.
It improves your health, reduces risk of disease and improves quality of life, all very, very important.

The simple walk is one of the best ways of looking after your whole health.
It’s one of the best forms of exercise, it’s accessible, it’s free and has a low injury risk.

Looking after your health isn’t just your physical wellbeing, it’s also your mental and social wellbeing.

I’m not one of those ‘jumping out of bed, embracing the day, balls of energy’ type of people.
I don’t always feel like it. Somedays, that’s ok too.

But I’ve learnt over the years how good it is to get outside. The outside is always there and available.
It helps keep you grounded.

I’ve had ideas. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve had shifts in thinking, great conversations, great time alone.

I see herons every day. Buzzards in the fields. Swans and ducks and yellow wagtails. Cormorants occasionally (don’t really like them).
Then on the rare day, I see the flash of a kingfisher on the canal and that’s the icing on the cake for me.

And somedays I don’t come back feeling motivated and excited.
But I got outside and got some fresh air and wasn’t looking at the same four walls for a while.

Sometimes, everything gets so busy or we’re just on autopilot.
Everybody calling on your attention, your boss, your co-workers, your family.
We don’t have the space to think. To just stop and think.

Sometimes it’s as simple as walking out the door. For an hour or 10 minutes. There’s your space to think.

I see a change in people when I’m out walking and talking with them.
Where you start to believe in yourself a little.
You start to look at things differently.

And when you’re outside, don’t just look at the path in front of you.
Remember to look around, look up. You’ll notice something.
Smile and say hello when you meet someone.

So open the door and step outside. If you don’t step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.




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