The Path to Change

Change. It’s Hard. Sometimes you have to Dig Deep.

It’s time to look for a new job or get a bit healthier or learn a new skill.
It’s a bit exciting and a bit scary but you’re ready.
You want this to happen.

Then you start changing your mind and find all of the reasons why now’s not the time to make that change.
There are many reasons why this happens and ways to get around it but for now, I’m just letting you know that this is normal. It’s important to know this.

Feeling uncomfortable and having doubts is to be expected, even when it’s something you really want to do! It’s a powerful force that will do it’s best to hold you back. That’s normal.
Discomfort is normal. Resistance will probably happen. Know that when it’s there, it’s letting you know that change is happening.

Your emotions will hold you back, keeping you in the safety of how things have always been.
Some people will convince you that you’re grand the way you are. They will pull you back. It’s for their own comfort, not yours.
You will also have people who’ll encourage and support you and even be inspired by you.

Sometimes change happens that you have no control of but you can control how you deal with it. You can sit and blame what’s happened to you or you can learn, grow and move forward.

And if everything is grand, fine, don’t change. But if you know deep down, something has to change…

… Don’t wait till the stars are aligned.
– Do take small steps forward.

… Don’t expect everyone to understand your goal.
– Do look for support and help.

… Don’t focus on the negatives and all the reasons you can’t do it.
– Do focus on the positive outcomes that will come from this change.

… Don’t listen to the little voice telling you you’re fine where you are.
– Do trust yourself that you can do this.

You know more than you think.
You are better than you think.
You are stronger than you think.

I watched this TEDxTalk, ‘Raising adventurous and brave children’ from Anna Frost, again while writing this post.
It’s not about change but you might be inspired to believe in that inner strength we all have and dig deep.

I love the line ‘The sun will be up soon’. A reminder that when we feel we can’t go on, we can.

Anna Frost is a Trail Runner and Ultramarathon Runner, a sportsperson I admire and respect.
Watch and enjoy as she talks about inner strength, empowerment and being brave.


“Falling is not failing.
It’s about how we get up from that fall,
Learn from it, change it, move on
And see that perfection is not how life is.”
– Anna Frost

*If you’re ready for a change but something’s holding you back, get in touch to arrange a call.
Let’s have a chat and see if working with me will Make It Happen.*


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