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  • I met with Alison as I was approaching an opportunity to leave my job on voluntary redundancy. After 30 years I wanted to make the most of the opportunity to possibly change my career, reskill etc. During our sessions, I was able to identify what really mattered to me and this should ensure that future roles will align with my values and therefore be more rewarding. An unexpected bonus was the ability to apply some of my learnings to family life. I found the sessions at times challenging but very rewarding and would highly recommend Alison.
  • I always felt that I was holding myself back, working with Alison helped me to change my mindset towards work and develop more balance in my life. This has helped me to become happier, more productive and less stressed, while working less hours per week. The results are far better than I could have hoped for.
  • When I first met Alison for career coaching, I was unsure if it would benefit me, I was a little skeptical and if I’m honest, thought I might be beyond help! I was panicking and applying a scatter shot approach to job hunting. Alison helped me focus on my core values, what’s important to me for my career and personal development. She challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to think differently about some things that had been holding me back. Alison enabled me to put in place some practical, applicable approaches to my job search. She is incredibly perceptive, I felt the coaching was tailored specifically to me and my needs, not a one size fits all approach and that made a huge difference.
  • Alison Underwood is a very engaging, pleasant & personable person. She put me at ease from an early stage in our sessions. Her coaching style means that she lets the client talk and express themselves, while she will astutely assess what kind of character you have, and as I am looking to make some career changes, she will suggest that you consider your character traits to do so. I found Alison a very good coach, and I would have no hesitation in meeting her again for further sessions and recommending her to others.

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