Make It Happen


Are YOU holding back from doing that ONE THING you’d love to do?
Maybe you’ve wanted to start a course or a new hobby, run 5k, change job, or just give yourself more time for you.


And you always think…
‘one day’
‘when I have more time’
‘when there’s less stress’
‘when I’m fitter’
… OR ‘I won’t be good enough’.

Is it time to stop thinking and start doing?
I can show you techniques that will reduce stress and build confidence for you to Make It Happen.



The Make It Happen Programme will help you:

  • Figure out what’s holding you back and why.
  • Manage time and develop skills to deal with stress.
  • Discover your Core Values and know what’s really important to you.
  • Build confidence to finally do that ‘thing’.
  • Enjoy life more.

What’s included:
– 4 weekly group coaching sessions
– 1 one-to-one, hour coaching session
– Workbook to use throughout programme
– Support and guidance with like minded people, ready to start doing their ‘thing’
Cost: €175

Group will be small, ensuring you get the benefit and experience of personal coaching.

When: Next programme TBC.
One-to-one session can be booked once programme starts.

Venue: Leixlip

Contact us here to find out more or to sign up.


Here’s what people said after attending previous workshops:

” a great course to learn about simple and easy tools to deal with stressful times in my life.
Alison was a great facilitator and had a great way with the group and created a lovely comfortable environment for the session.
…the skills I took away from this workshop are applicable to all aspects of life and I use them regularly.
It gave great insight into discovering my values in life and how to prioritise them so I am really looking forward to the next workshop to learn more.”
Sabrina B.

“I went to Alison’s workshop to help me deal with a situation, which I found stressful. Through talking things out, realising my values and working on my mindset, I was able to move on and enjoy the situation-stress free! I will be able to use the skills I learned there in the future. Alison has helped me refocus on my values, and changed mindset.”
Maggie L.

“I attended a Stress Workshop with Alison from Echo Steps Coaching. By putting the tools we learnt into place it meant I was able to relax and enjoy this Christmas for the first time in a long time. I have also been able to adapt these techniques into my everyday life. I cannot praise Alison and her workshop enough for helping me and I can’t wait to attend the next one.”
Orla N.

“My pre Christmas workshop with Echo Steps really helped me take the time to remember what is truly important in life and that a Happy Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect.
Alison’s words of wisdom have continued to help me in every day life, to change my outlook on problems as they arise & how I prioritise my time to be as stress free possible!”
Karen D.